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Lamberson head joint on a Gemeinhardt flute

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Lamberson head joint on a Gemeinhardt flute

Postby MusicTeach » Mon Mar 12, 2018 8:29 pm

I have a Lamberson head joint that was custom made for my Gemeinhardt Open hole Solid Silver flute. The flute plays, but does need some new pads. I do not have the original Gemeinhart head joint. I am wondering if I should try to sell the flute as is with the Lamberson head joint, or sell the head joint by itself, even tho it has been adjusted to fit a Gemeinhardt flute. The flute was purchased in 1970, and the headjoint was made around 1972.
How much to I ask for the flute? Use a price from ebay, without regard for the Lamberson head joint, or bump up or down the price because of it?
Or....how much do I ask for the head joint? I looks solid silver, with a gold lip plate, and the Lamberson insignia.

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