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pros/cons uni flute major for initial instruction

Basics of Flute Playing, Tone Production and Fingerings

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pros/cons uni flute major for initial instruction

Postby mek42 » Tue Feb 21, 2017 8:20 pm

What do folks think about seeking a sophomore or junior flute major at the local university for initial lessons?

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Re: pros/cons uni flute major for initial instruction

Postby pied_piper » Sat Feb 25, 2017 10:50 am

That can be a good option for beginners. My only suggestion would be to ask the university's flute professor for a recommendation of one of her students.
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Re: pros/cons uni flute major for initial instruction

Postby SylvreKat » Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:34 pm

Hm. I posted a reply, but it seems to have gone to somewhere else. I'll try to remember what I wrote before and repeat.

I don't see a problem with that, so long as they have good technique and can teach it to you.

My first private teacher was a college gal on the street behind mine. I think she did a good job of advancing me beyond the basics I learned in elementary band (which teacher was a flutist herself, so I may've gotten better training than the average). After that was a lady at church, then the same band teacher until I graduated h.s.

Just be sure you like working with him/her, and after a few months assess if you feel you've learned anything, your skills have advanced, and your playing seems better.

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