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Muramatsu Ex III RBE or Altus 1107 ERB

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Muramatsu Ex III RBE or Altus 1107 ERB

Postby Carolinafur » Mon Feb 26, 2018 8:37 am

I am thinking of buying a new flute and I am stuck between these two. I haven’t had the chance to try any of them but since they both fit in my budget and on my preferences I am considering both of them.
They are very similar. They both have the B foot and silver headjoint. The main difference is that the Altus one also has a silver body and is handmade and the Muramatsu one in just silver plated and not handmade.
My current flute is a pearl PF with just a plated lipplate so it would be a big jump to any of them.
Many of my teachers love muramatsu so I’d like to know if you think that even though the Altus one is all silver and handmade, the Muramatsu one would allow me to “grow” more than the Altus one.
Has any one tried both? I would really like to have an opinion before I make a choice.

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Re: Muramatsu Ex III RBE or Altus 1107 ERB

Postby pied_piper » Sat Mar 03, 2018 9:53 pm

Both are quality flutes. However, I think you may have some misinformation about the Muramatsu EX III. It has a Sterling silver handcut headjoint and a silver plated body. It is also considered a handmade flute. Quoted from the Muramatsu website:
The EX model is our most economical flute, yet it offers the same high quality Muramatsu workmanship you will find on our higher priced models. The hand-cut, solid silver headjoint on this attractive instrument is carefully cut and matched to a silver clad body and key mechanism, the same reliable key mechanism used on our most expensive flutes.

I have played a Muramatsu AD for 20 years and it is a very well made flute. I play a lot of different flutes because I also repair them. The Azumi is also a fine flute. Why not try both and compare them? If you are buying online, get both on a trial. Most reputable flute stores will ship you 2-4 flutes to try for a week.
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Re: Muramatsu Ex III RBE or Altus 1107 ERB

Postby Carolinafur » Sun Mar 04, 2018 5:27 am

I'm sorry if I wasn't clear but I'm portuguese and I was trying to write the best I coul :D What i meanmt is that the Altus Flute has a whole silver body and head while the Muramatsu one is only plated on the body.
My teacher also thinks that Muramatsu can be an option that would last longer and that could mantain the good sound for more yearseven though being only plated.
Thank you so much for your opinion, I'll try to see that.

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