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I am getting a new flute is a Di Zhao 470 a good model?

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I am getting a new flute is a Di Zhao 470 a good model?

Postby Flutepassion » Mon Jan 15, 2018 5:17 pm

So i am not an expert on picking out a flute but i have been playing flute for about 5 years and quite advanced i started out with old used flutes (such as a crescent and a cecilio) and then later upgrading to a Selmer which has been Great for awhile but it is not cutting it anymore so i went to a music store and found an open hole Di Zhao 470 for 1200 it sounded beautiful and looked beautiful . What i wanted to know is is it a good brand? is it durable? and will it be enough to get me as far as i want to go with flute?

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