Need help finding score

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Need help finding score

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Hi fluteland,
I'm really unable to find the score for TWV 51:G2 flute concerto in g major by Telemann, I have checked many free sheet music repositories and also shops and I cant find it so I was hoping for some help from here, anybody here have the score or know where to find it? I have seen many flute concerto in g major scores but those aren't the one I'm looking for and are always TWV 51:G1. I don't want a paper version and would prefer a PDF but if that's all I can get I would still be grateful. Thanks for your consideration!

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Re: Need help finding score

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I don't know if you've found this yet, but it is published by Thesaurus Harmonicus, an imprint of Severinus Press. It is an urtext reconstructed by Ian Payne. It took me forever to find it as well. It comes with each orchestra part; it does not come with a flute/keyboard version. You can email them at to purchase one. Their regular website is Hope this helps.


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