F# key Slow

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F# key Slow

Post by Mediaman67 »

Hi All,

Im overhauling my first flute, and am having an issue where the F# key (the first one in the series of 4 keys there) is slow to return... It is only slow by itself, not when it's activated by any of the other keys (D, E F etc)

This is the only place on this bundy where there is a double row of springs - looks like the upper one is for the F key (that is fine) - but that lower one attaches to the F# key correct?

Which way should I bend the spring to give it more resistance so it raises the F# key like the others when pressed alone.

This has been driving me crazy.


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Re: F# key Slow

Post by FluteTechCanada »

All the keys should fall freely with the springs off.

If the F# key is binding it could be anything from key fitting, bend hinge steels, a damaged Kingpost etc.

What have you already done?

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Re: F# key Slow

Post by SergioN »

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