Silver flute modification

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Silver flute modification

Post by bizzielizzie »

Hi, I have a Yamaha solid silver flute but my hand is very small (glove size 6.5) and I am having trouble reaching the low C key to play it properly as I keep touching the D key en route to stretching across. My 'pinky' is only 4,5cm long! My teacher thinks the best way forward is to have my flute bottom keys modified to allow me to play them more easily. I am having trouble getting anyone to even consider modifying it. Does anyone know the contact details of a reputable silver flute maker that I might be able to contact and ask for help? I have tried via Just Flutes and Yamaha UK/Europe and they have not felt able to help. Thanks

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Re: Silver flute modification

Post by Betthoi »

To be honest, I have not heard of such a thing. As I understand it, the option to change the flute is not considered? You can look for the options at or to choose another instrument that would be convenient for you to play.
If I were you, I would also contact the manufacturer with this problem. Can you please tell me why they didn't help you? Surely their artisans could come up with something for a surcharge.
In general, you can try stretching the brush. I don’t know how effective it is, but I heard that, for example, it helps pianists.

Good luck!

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Re: Silver flute modification

Post by woodpad »

There are one handed saxophones custom made for one handed people. The technici who make them are able to modify a flute for a short pink.

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