Is my flute broken?

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Is my flute broken?

Post by Bfranz »

Hello everyone. I can play G, A, B, C, and C# in the middle register, pretty much all the notes that use only my left hand. When I play notes that involve the right hand like F, E, and D, my flute dies out. I am asking this because I do not know if it is because of my technique or because of the flute mechanics. To be more clear, I can play a G in the middle register, but when I add a finger on my right hand to play an F or an E, I lose my sound. I thought this might be a mechanical issue with the flute since moving from a G to F is not really a big change that would require me to change or improve my embouchure. My flute is a Gemeinhardt Model 3. Anyway, what do you all think? I am thankful for your time and input!

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Re: Is my flute broken?

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There are many possibilities. It could be you or it could be the flute. The only way to know for sure is to have another flutist try it or have a flute repair technician check it over.
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Re: Is my flute broken?

Post by Ryo »

The same problem happened to my flute a few weeks ago. In my case, the cause was disbalance of G and G# keys, as the tiny screw had loosened. I just tightened the screw and fixed it with manicure. :D

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Re: Is my flute broken?

Post by rob80b »

Hi Bfranz

First check to make sure that a pad hasn't become damaged or undone...but the most likely culprit from personal experience is that the adjustment screw synchronizing the F and F# key needs to be this case tightened so that both keys close simultaneously.
Not to go into details and depending on ones mechanical skills this may be an easy or daunting task and of course tools are required, screwdrivers and some type of feeler......some may prefer sending the instrument to a technician.
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