Breathing frequency increases and tone wanes with time

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Breathing frequency increases and tone wanes with time

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Hello all..

Am a beginner. Started a month back on Indian bamboo flute (bansuri). i am practicing breath control and started few finger exercises. Am facing below challenge, which I feel is common to beginners. Wanted to know some tips / exercises / tricks

On long notes, I can hold a higher octave for 20 seconds in one breath. However when playing basic finger exercises, at the begin, need to take a new breath after 8 seconds... As I continue repeating the exercise back to back (say after 1 minute), need to breath in every 4 seconds... After 2 more minutes, though I blow, no sound is produced.. Is there a easy way I can translate the long notes stamina to finger exercises as well?

I have tried to keep embouchure small, blow soft, keep posture unchanged, be relaxed - still I have the issue.

Just for me to get an idea, do let me know
1. How many seconds can you hold a long note on single breath
2. How many seconds can you play a finger exercise routine on single breath
3. How many months/ years of practice was needed to achieve above

Thank you in advance !

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