Breathing frequency increases and tone wanes with time

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Breathing frequency increases and tone wanes with time

Post by srinath »

Hello all..

Am a beginner. Started a month back on Indian bamboo flute (bansuri). i am practicing breath control and started few finger exercises. Am facing below challenge, which I feel is common to beginners. Wanted to know some tips / exercises / tricks

On long notes, I can hold a higher octave for 20 seconds in one breath. However when playing basic finger exercises, at the begin, need to take a new breath after 8 seconds... As I continue repeating the exercise back to back (say after 1 minute), need to breath in every 4 seconds... After 2 more minutes, though I blow, no sound is produced.. Is there a easy way I can translate the long notes stamina to finger exercises as well?

I have tried to keep embouchure small, blow soft, keep posture unchanged, be relaxed - still I have the issue.

Just for me to get an idea, do let me know
1. How many seconds can you hold a long note on single breath
2. How many seconds can you play a finger exercise routine on single breath
3. How many months/ years of practice was needed to achieve above

Thank you in advance !

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Re: Breathing frequency increases and tone wanes with time

Post by Taffanel3Gaubert »

Dear srinath,
You are trying to relax. This is a good trend, but
Do you know what relaxation really means?
Even if you were a professional, it is one of the most difficult things to control,
so much so that you wish you could relax all the time.
It is one of the most difficult things to control.

I recommend that you persevere and continue to do so every day for the time being.
Answer to the Q #01.
At 75 years of age, I can now blow comfortably for "45 seconds"
At age 70, '50 seconds'
(although I was practising for 60 seconds)
A#01-b : In the lower register, maybe 30 seconds.
In the second messa di Voce of De la Sonorité, in the bass register.
Practice requires at least 16 seconds, but the messa di Voce
To perform it correctly, you need to be able to hold your breath for at least 20 seconds.
If the breath is not held for at least 20 seconds, the practice is not fit for purpose.

Answer to the Q #02.
If you are using Daily Exercises No. 1 by Taffanel & Gaubert
If used, perform the exercise for two steps in 12 seconds.

Answer to Q #03.
(If you aim to be a professional-level musician)
Do you need it for the rest of your life?
(Especially if you are over 65, do you need further training?)
There's a Japanese proverb that says,
"Three years on a stone."
(means : Persevere and run for three years.)
Let's try to do our best for three years.
If you can continue for three months, you can continue for one year.
If you can continue for a year, three years will pass in a blink of an eye.

Here is some advice on how to learn breathing exercises.
Comments from a Zenbudhist Concert Flutist in Japan.
If you are interested in Eastern culture, you should.
1. study the 'zazen' breathing technique.
2. study the 'square breathing' method of yoga.

Respectfully, WAKAMATSU
I have been studying 'breathing techniques' for 60 years.
I am still Zen sitting on the sound.

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