Lips changed, need help finding new embouchure.

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Lips changed, need help finding new embouchure.

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So, even though I got up to performing in the community orchestra when I was 19, I haven't played for a few years and have finally picked it back up. The problem is... I went through a late growth spurt and now my teardrop lip is different. I used to have a wide enough gap to offset my embouchure to the left. Now, the two streams are so close together that I have to: a. deal with a "windy" tone, or b. Get so frustrated with trying to find the right position that I'm about to punch a hole in the wall.
Time away from playing definitely doesn't help, but it is definitely frustrating trying to recover my tone after trills or jumping from E5 to B6. Any recommendations would be SUPER appreciated.


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Re: Lips changed, need help finding new embouchure.

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It simply takes time and a lot of practice in the mirror. I went through a similar experience when I took a year off from playing after my undergrad. During that year I lost a little over 100lbs, and my lips became thinner.

Just look in a mirror, practice with your headjoint and then your tone exercises: harmonics, whistle tones, high in the soft register, loud in the low register, octave slurs, intervals, etc. All of these are controlled by lip movements and not by huge changes in the volume of air being moved.

Be patient.

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Re: Lips changed, need help finding new embouchure.

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Love the suggestion here. I would also consider some sessions with the best instructor you can find/afford. It could save you a *lot* of time.
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