Trevor James Virtuoso Voce

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Trevor James Virtuoso Voce

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Hello all:

I'm trialing some new flutes, among them a Trevor James Virtuoso Voce. Also a Miyazawa 102, Di Zhao 700, Azumi Az3, and Yamaha 677.

I'm currently playing an early 1970s Gemeinhardt M3S. The TJ feels and sounds like a much better version of the M3S. Am I crazy? Has anyone who has experience on both instruments noted this? (The others felt and sounded nothing like the M3S.). My instructor hasn't heard me yet on these. She can give me perspective.

I welcome any comments and suggestions. So much fun playing the new flutes and difficult to choose.
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Re: Trevor James Virtuoso Voce

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Hello - I'm new to and only saw your message today. If you're still checking this site, out of curiosity, which flute did you end up getting? Do you like it? My daughter is in the process of trialing several of the flutes you mentioned in your post.

Thank you,


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