Suggestions on new flute

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Suggestions on new flute

Post by Fierte »

I have an old armstrong flute and am looking to purchase a new flute. I'm more of a hobbiest, I'm not going into college or orchestra, so I don't need the best to impress any teachers or pros.

I have a $2500 budget, ideally no more, but I could stretch to $2600 if it was worth it. I've read a lot of topics about buying a new flute and it seems as though the Azumi AZ3 is a great flute for its price.

I play tested a Pearl 665, I loved the sound, but it felt flimsy, almost cheap in my hands. That could be because I've never held a plated flute before, I have always had solid silver.

I also play tested a Yamaha, I forget the model, but it was comparable to the pearl 382 maybe? It didn't feel as flimsy as the pearl, but I did not like the sound as much.

I have not had the chance to play test anything else, I also can't really get my hands on anything else to play test anytime soon so I'm asking opinions and suggestions.

Pearl Elegante 795
Azumi AZ3
Di Zhao 700
Powell Sonaré 601 (maybe 701)
Haynes Amadeus 780

Any thoughts on these flutes, do any of them stand out as better than the others?

I've thought about buying used, and have looked around a bit, but honestly I would prefer to get something new. The Altus 807 isn't too much more, but I can't really go that expensive and I dont have much time to save any more money.

Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated,

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Re: Suggestions on new flute

Post by fluteguy18 »

Try before you buy. It would be a shame to overlook NorthBridge flutes in this price range.

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