I'm getting a new flute! Pearl vs. Azumi

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I'm getting a new flute! Pearl vs. Azumi

Post by Flutemi »

Hi there, I'm new to this forum!

I've been playing the flute for about 5-6 years from elementary throughout high school. Now, I'm taking a break for a year (from taking a band course, NOT from playing the flute) and I'm planning to go back next year as it'll be my last year in high school. I enjoy playing the flute quite a lot, especially by ear, so although not professionally, I still will be playing after I graduate from high school.

Due to my budget, I've narrowed my options down to two flutes; Peral Dolce 695RBE and Azumi AZ2
Even after hours of research, I just really couldn't decide which to buy and what would be the benefits of each of them compared to another one.

If there are any other flutes within my budget (preferably cheaper) that you recommend, please let me know as well!
Thanks in advance :)

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Re: I'm getting a new flute! Pearl vs. Azumi

Post by fluteguy18 »

Azumi, hands down. No contest. Much better headjoint and overall quality control. I'd also take a look at Sonare, Amadeus, and NorthBridge. They have things in similar price ranges.

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