Sonare vs. Azumi vs. Amadeus vs. Di Zhao

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Sonare vs. Azumi vs. Amadeus vs. Di Zhao

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I'm comparing these flutes with these specs, so any help would be appreciated (I don't have a private tutor so I'm relying on whatever help I get from here)!

Amadeus 680
Azumi 2 (Split E)
Azumi 2 (Gold Lip)
Sonare 501 (Gold Lip and Split E)
Di Zhao 600

Now, the one that is different from all of these is Di Zhao 600 because it has a solid silver body, while the others don't. Should I go for the one that looks the coolest with the gold lip plates or should I go with the one that has the solid silver body? They all sound the same to me.

Please, any constructive help will be appreciated!

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