When Is It “Time?”

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When Is It “Time?”

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OK gang, I am a year plus into learning the flute and the reports I’m getting back are good ones. I have moved up to a modestly priced, yet better, flute about six months ago, and I’ve had my eye on perhaps a Q2 from Haynes.

I know it’s subjective and I realize it has a lot to do with when you can afford it, but I’ve placed a $3000 price range on buying a Haynes Q2, and yet I don’t know when I really want to take the plunge.

Initially, when I started playing the flute, I received an Armstrong with no holes and a “C” foot joint, which I still play from time to time, (because it requires more air and that gives me more opportunity to discipline myself, especially on long tones).

Then I moved up to a brand-name called “Opus” which I really don’t know that much about, except that it mirrors the Gemeinhardt type, and just happened to be modestly priced, and so it saved me some money. It has a “B” foot joint and open holes, and is a lot more sympathetic to me when I play it.

So my question is kind of like from the point of view of technique, confidence and performance. It’s not about the cost or about the name.

How did YOU know, when to buy into that first modestly expensive flute?

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