Help with unusual problem

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Help with unusual problem

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Hello, I wanted to ask for advice on this problem that I have and it has been happening to me for a long time. The fact is that when I remove my lips from the flute, the part of the lip that covers the hole in the bezel remains marked and it bothers me, I hardly press the bezel against my lips or so I think. Besides when I don't play the flute I have a small mark in the same place but hardly anything. I wanted to know how I can solve this, because it also worries me that this could be bad. Besides I wanted to know if this is normal or is I doing something wrong.
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Re: Help with unusual problem

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If it's just the edge of the hole irritating your lip, that can be checked and corrected. That edge can be safely adjusted for comfort since it is not crucial since the lip covers it anyway. It is a quick adjustment and can be done while you wait in a few minutes. Most shops won't touch it being the embouchure hole. But a flute repair specialist familiar with even basic recutting can take care of that for you and make it a lot more comfortable.
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