Source of Excerpts in Moyse's Tone Development

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Source of Excerpts in Moyse's Tone Development

Post by Vancoeuvre »

I have started to try to identify the source of the melodies in Tone Development Through Interpretation. I think it's really helpful and inspirational to hear the melodies in their original form, whether they are arias or instrumental passages. Some are easy to source like "The Swan," "Meditation," "Ave Maria," but I'd love to know if anyone knows the names of any of the arias that are transcribed. I'll start: Number 27 is "Printemps qui Commence"; Number 54 is "Ah Fors'e Lui"; Number 73 is "Casta Diva." Any feedback would be great.

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Re: Source of Excerpts in Moyse's Tone Development

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Dear Vancoeuvre,
Yesterday, I happened to see your post.
Today I am a member of the Flute Message Board.
I have just registered as a member and started writing my answers.
Has your study with ToneDevelopment through Interpretation progressed since then?
Is there a growing list of song titles?
I saw this post by chance, so after
I am not sure if the disclosure of the song titles has been carried out since then.

I am very happy as a pupil of Moyse if there are as many people as possible
who are learning musical expression from my teacher's cherished 'tune list'.
As a disciple, there is nothing that makes me happier than this.
I do not like to advertise myself, but here is a brief biography:
I have studied with Marcel Moyse since 1971, and have been asked to play
and assist at summer courses in Vermont and Boswil, Switzerland.
Louis Moyse has been a close friend since 1970 and has recently dedicated a piece from him.
Published by Shirmer.
The title is "TROIS HOMMAGES"
Written in homage to (respectively) a Japanese friend.
The fitst piece is the relevant one.

That is a long preamble, isn't it?
Let me return to the main topic.
In 1971, I received strict instruction on most of the pieces during lessons
in Moyse's birthplace, St-Amour. (With the exception of #41 and the seven pieces after #84.)
12. Manon Act II
Adieu notre petit table
13. Fortunio Act II cene V
J'aimaiss la vieille maison grise

This is additional information
From original print.
” Comment J'ai Pu Maintenir Ma Forme ” (How I Stayed In Shape)
Page 17. Aria: Ach, ich fühls, es ist verschwunden (E minor)
Die Zauberflöte, K. 620, Act 2 Scene 18: No. 17, Arie, "Ach, ich fühl's, es ist verschwunden!" (Pamina)

I am currently collecting sheet music for original songs published on Tone Development.
(I have got all but #41.)
I am in the process of transcribing the scores in Finale.
When I am done, I will post the titles of the songs again.
Thx and regards, WAKAMATSU

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