Jazz flute pieces

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Jazz flute pieces

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My teacher has asked me to do some research on some jazz flute pieces. Does anyone know any good jazz flute pieces/players? If so, can you post them here please!! I am especially interested in things with jazz big band, but anything including jazz flute would be good!

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Post by Phineas »

Do a web search on flute players Hubert Laws, Dave Valentin, Kent Jordan, Sam Most or Herbie Mann. You may also want to checkout Jeff Lorber, Bud Shank, Chic Corea, Grover Washington, Bill Evans, and Carlos Jobim. I mention some of the other because flute players often play tune writen and performed by these artists.

Jazz is not like Classical in a sense of pieces. In Classical, people main work on reading, and working on the quality of a composition. With jazz, you concentrate on memorization of harmony, scales and riffs then being able to execute them with improvization. Basicly, most Jazz standards are popular songs that have been re-arranged for instruments. I have my favorites tunes, but they are not exactly written for flute. Doing research on "Jazz Flute Pieces" will open up a large can of worms. Heck, name a classical peice, and I can make jazz out of it!

If you cant find what you are looking for on your search, let me know, and I will point you in a more focused direction.

I hope this helps

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