Flute fan new to music.

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Flute fan new to music.

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Hello people!


i fell in love with this instrument the moment i first heard it, about a year ago i think. since then, i have been listening to it a lot, like A LOT. whatever i do during the day, i usually am listening to flute or some form of classical music while doing it. even when i study, i put on some flute in the background.

finally now, i have decided to learn to play it.
i will get a flute anytime during this week.
i will start with online youtube flute tutorials, because the covid situation in india is worsening day by day.
after covid ends, i'll personally go to a guru to learn.

i have a few questions tho,

should i also learn vocal classical music along with the flute? because i also like singing a lot (although i am a very bad singer) and i'd love to develop this skill too! or is it better to focus on only one?

i am aware that learning any instrument is very difficult.
and i am prepared to put in the hard work. i just really want to master this skill.
any idea how long will it take me to get decently good at it?

i am 17 now. actually i will turn 18 in 3 months.
most of the music legends have been practising music since they were like 5 or 6.
i get really sad about this. i wish even i would have started learning music at a young age.
but cant really do much about it now, can i?

if anyone is interested, i'll link down some of my favourite pieces of the flute, enjoy!



P.S. when i say 'classical music' here, i mean indian classical music, i have not heard any western classical music.
and i am referring to the wooden flute here, the 'bansuri'.

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