worse than the Cheesecake factory...

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worse than the Cheesecake factory...

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Way too many options and models to choose from. This is a gift for my 23 yr old daughter who has started playing again after many years off. She used to play with a Yamaha 3xx but sold it. I'm looking right now at a few things, all around the $600 range and would appreciate some comments/feedback.

1. Another 300 series Yamaha, there are a number to choose from
2. Yamaha YFL-421 or 451 in good shape, inspected cleaned and adjusted
3. The stretch is a yamaha 511, but it is from Japan, and while it looks very nice and comes with a good return policy, its on the higher end of the gift range.
4. and finally a Miyazawa MS-95S.

She lives in NYC, and due to Covid, none of the big stores are allowing you to try instruments. Thank you for your feedback and advice.

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