Funeral / Memorial Pieces?

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Funeral / Memorial Pieces?

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I am an intermediate-level flutist who wants to record a funeral album in memory of a dear friend who was assassinated last year. I am currently compiling and scrutinizing various pieces for this project. Below is a tentative and incomplete list. I wanted to consult this forum to see if anybody has any experience with playing at funerals and/or if anybody is willing to suggest pieces appropriate for the setting. I will arrange/record the pieces either as a flute solo, or a flute duet, or with piano accompaniment (depending on whichever works best).

Current List:

1. Mozart, Requiem: Dies Irae
2. Carl Orff, Carmina Burana: fortuna planga vulnera
3. Faure, Requiem: Pie Jesu OR In Paradisum
4. Gluck, Dance of the Blessed Spirits
5. Albinoni, Adagio in G Minor

I played the flute for 4-5 years and then quit playing for almost 7 years. I used to own a Muramatsu, which I sold at some point. I bought a new Yamaha 211 a week or so ago. It is somewhat frustrating to deal with the same problems all over again, such as breath support failure in longer passages and bad tone quality in F# and G# on the third octave.

All comments welcome.

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