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New flute player

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I was wondering at what stage should a new flute student learn vibrato? I hear it usually gets taught when the student is quite advanced. I have had a few lessons and am just learning fingering and how to make high notes. I am trying to look for a new teacher but know enough to practice what I have been taught on my own in the meantime. In case anyone asks why I am looking for a new teacher, it is because I want a teacher that teaches the sort of things I like playing ie classical. My current teacher only really does jazz and says classical is too rigid. I can already read music and have been playing piano for a number of years. I just thought it might be time to branch out and play a second instrument.

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Re: New flute player

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Well, there really isn't a hard and fast rule. It should be based upon upon "when the student is ready". If you are still learning fingerings, it might be a bit premature to add another new technique. However, since you are aware of vibrato, you might be an exception. I certainly would not stress vibrato over fingerings at your stage, but you might start slowly when trying long tones to vibrate a bit. Listen to recordings of other players vibrato and try to emulate it. If its not great yet, don't fret it and just keep working to make the vibrato smoother. Find yourself a teacher who matches your style and goals and ask him/her to help you achieve those goals.
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Re: New flute player

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In fact, many are afraid to change teachers, because it is considered a betrayal. For me, this is a very sensitive topic, but I'm glad that you thought about it and, I hope, changed teachers. When you are not allowed to play what you like, it is very demotivating. Sure that now you are perfect at vibrato

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