Returning to playing

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Returning to playing

Post by Gabby »

Hi, I really need some advice!

I never really dropped playing the flute, but I have had really long gaps inbetween playing. I was at grade 6 level, but it has been a good while since I have actually done some regular playing and my technique is all over the place. After playing today for around half an hour my jaw really aches and even though I know my muscles are pretty weak if I should be doing less time at first and building it up? I am finding it difficult to concentrate on my posture, quality of the note and not making my face so tense at the same time!!

My schedule is very erratic so I am hoping I can get myself up to speed alone as I don't think I can do regular lessons right now, but I wondered if anyone had any tips for me if I just need to get myself to relax or if I am better getting back into lessons if I can!

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Re: Returning to playing

Post by pied_piper »

Your best bet is to play a little each day - even if it's only for a few minutes. That is far better than trying to do long marathon practice sessions once or twice a week.
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