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My son is a Freshman at a large and highly competitive university. He has studied the flute privately for six years, and played in his high school's Symphonic Band. He auditioned for the Wind Symphony at his university, though at the last minute they made the flautists play through masks, which may have thrown him off. In any case, he didn't make it into the Wind Symphony. He has told me he THINKS he made it into the university's lesson program, but I have asked him for clarity on that and none has been forthcoming. I'm pretty certain that if lessons with the university haven't been set up by now they are not going to happen.
Needless to say, it's disappointing. He spent more than six weeks over the summer preparing the audition excerpts, working with a teacher to do so. I was always encouraging him to practice more but his attitude was, Mom, I've got this. Obviously he miscalculated.
Since he's been at college we have a regular date to speak on Fridays. I don't know what the best way is for me to handle discussing this with him. In the town where the university is located there is a strong music scene independent of the university, so it would be possible to get him lessons. Right now I'd just like to get past the feeling that his six years of private lessons were a waste. I know that isn't true but it feels that way right now.

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Re: audition

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I hope that now your son is doing well and he continues to play the flute. This is really great that you supported him and will do it anyway, he definitely needs it.

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