Tone colors

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Tone colors

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I have been playing for many years with what I thought was a quite decent embouchure, that I developed during my first years of flute playing. I was quite satisfied with it, but I wanted more projection. Up to now I would do Moyse tone exercises and also Trevor Wye's for warming up and keeping a good tone, but I would basically ignore Wye's remarks on tone color.

A few months ago I decided to take tone development seriously, and I decided to follow Wye's instructions to the letter, as expressed in both Proper Flute Playing and his tone book (chapter one in the omnibook). It was _extremely_ frustrating at first: by pulling out the flute head and turning out to uncover the embouchure hole, my tone went to crap and it felt like going back to square one... but not so: over a few weeks... damn. Now I am able to play with much more projection and I am capable of playing in at least there different "colors" at will, and now I have control on dynamics as well. Also I fell in love again with the low register.

Totally worth the effort :)
Just thought about sharing.

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