Flute Recording Mic

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Flute Recording Mic

Post by feezdeen »

Hye guys, Im new here. I need to ask a question, what mic is good (and affordable) to record my flute?

I have a few on my mind, which are Audio Technica AT2020 Condenser mic and also Samson C03 Condenser Mic...

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Re: Flute Recording Mic

Post by Gandalfe »

I really like this guide to recording a flute: http://www.recordingmag.com/resources/r ... l/202.html

While brass instruments almost always sound best when recorded with a ribbon microphone, the type of microphone you choose to record a flute may depend on the type of music you are recording. For a jazz flute recording, consider using a condenser microphone. A condenser will generally capture more of the flute’s many overtones, resulting in a bright sound (Clip 1).

A dynamic mic gives a less bright and detailed flute sound (Clip 2). This sound may be more suited to a rock or R&B band. I’ve also used a dynamic to good effect when recording flutes that are meant to be in the background of a song, behind a vocalist for example.

For a somewhat darker, fuller and natural flute sound, use a ribbon microphone (Clip 3). You’ll find the higher notes have a bit less bite and the lower range is fuller sounding. A ribbon mic is an excellent choice when recording a classical flute soloist. The ribbon also takes eq especially well.

As you listen to these clips, notice that the differences in microphone types are more apparent in the extreme ranges of the flute.
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Re: Flute Recording Mic

Post by Chris Carr »

Personally, I get the best results from a pair of small diaphragm condensers that I setup in X/Y stereo.

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