Miyazawa 202 out of tune?

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Miyazawa 202 out of tune?

Post by JaniceL »

After trying out new flutes in the upper $4k range long distance, I settled on a Miyazawa 202 with a MZ-10 head joint. But I'm finding this brand/model to out of tune, and can't figure out why. Is it me? Is it the flute?

I bought it over Christmas break when rehearsals were on hiatus and I didn't think to test the intonation with my electronic tuner, assuming that since it was new there would be no issues. When I started playing with my groups, I found that the intonation was more variable than I'm accustomed to. I am having to roll in and out too much, and sometimes even that isn't enough to get a note in tune. I do realize that lower registers tend to be flat and vice versa, but even taking that into account the swings seem too wide. I've checked the tuning with an electronic tuner, and am being conscientious about breath support while doing so. I've also been playing with the Korg tuner attached while in rehearsals, to monitor what's going on.

Thinking it might be the head joint, I asked the company sent me several others to test, but had the same problem. Then, the company offered to take the flute back and look at it and sent me a used version of the same model as a loaner. It arrived today. Same problem. In fact, the same notes are the same degree off. For example, the middle C# is unusually sharp on both, even taking into consideration that this note that tends to be sharp on any flute. Overall, the intonation is worse than for my 1996 Powell 2100, which needs repairs and is not playing well.

I'm flummoxed by this, as I understood that Miyazawa was particularly noted for its accurate intonation. I liked the Miyazawa far better than the other flutes I tried in the same price range (Haynes, Altus, Yamaha, Sankyo). I wish I'd checked the tuning of those for comparison.

Am I the only one who's ever had this problem with a Miyazawa 202? I feel like I'm crazy, or there's something wrong with my playing, for having this much difficulty. I'm not a beginner; I studied through college, though as a non-major, and play in fairly advanced ensembles. Do I just "deal"? Would stepping up to the next more expensive model be a possible solution?

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Re: Miyazawa 202 out of tune?

Post by Classitar »

Thanks for your observations JaniceL, its very interesting
I hope you have found some satisfaction - what kind of ensembles do you play in?
Its amazing the nuances that we can hear in small ensembles
I'm a guitarist playing with 2 flute players - wood transverse and recorders
Its fascinating to hear the dozens of different combinations they use and the concern for good intonation on the various pcs

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Re: Miyazawa 202 out of tune?

Post by mormika »

Did you push the the headjoint totally into the receiver part (the tenon)? Pull it out about a cm long, about 2/5 inches.

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