Where do you perform and what do you wear when you perform?

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Where do you perform and what do you wear when you perform?

Post by asoalin »

I'm just curious :) Thanks all!

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Post by flutepicc06 »

I perform wherever I'm hired to perform, or wherever the groups I participate are slated to perform. That ranges anywhere from churches to large concert halls to the outdoors. As for what I wear, that depends entirely upon the occasion. Usually, it's a tuxedo, but sometimes that's slacks and a dress shirt, or just casual wear if I'm working for a recording session...It all depends on the circumstances of the performance.

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Post by sidekicker »

Most performing groups will have a designated dress code for performances. I don't know whether you are male or female, but generally men are expected to wear tuxedos for a formal orchestra or wind ensemble concert. Females (I'm not really a good person to ask about this one for obvious reasons) are generally asked to wear black and that ends up being either a black dress or pant suit; at least that's what I've seen. But, the dress for ensembles is whatever they tell you to wear.

For solo performances where I am on a stage with (or without) an accompanist, as in a recital, I normally wear a tuxedo. If it's evening (after 6 p.m.), I'll usually wear white-tie; if not, black-tie.

If I'm a soloist in a church setting, normally I just wear a suit/tie. If I'm where I can't be seen (like in a back choir loft surrounded by a choir), I'll play without my jacket.

For recording, it can generally be whatever you want. Nobody really cares what you wear for that. But if it's your first time in a studio, or with a particular group, it might be best not to be too shabby :-).


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Post by cflutist »

I play Principal Flute in our local community orchestra and wear a long black gown. Other ladies have worn black pant suits.

When I first joined in 1989, the men wore tuxes, the conductor wore tails. Now several conductors later, the men wear all black (black shirt and pants, no jacket) because the conductor himself wears that. He says he gets too hot on stage (with all those lights) in a tux.

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In the music band, we wear dark blue suit (girls with short skirt)
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Post by fluttiegurl »

Depends on the venue and the occasion. I have several black dresses and pants suites that I wear. For weddings, I have a few dresses that I will wear according to the style of the wedding (most of the weddings I play at are outdoors). For orchestra (which I have resigned from as of late), I wore a black dress. The chamber group that I am a part of wears all black.

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Post by abcflute »

Every concert is different and every style of music you're playing could require a different outfit. If you feel good-looking and appropriate on stage - you are going to play better than you expected! That's my theory. :D
And also if you have a Lucky Dress/Suit - wear it for important performances!!!

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Post by sonatine »

solo concerts- long dresses/gowns in whatever color I feel looks good
orchestral performances/group performances- long black skirts and black blouses, black shoes

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Post by Justine »

For concert band (since I don't have time to join my town's symphony :(), we wear white button ups with black pants or skirts. Personally, I think it's a little juvenile looking, since that's the same uniform that the middle schools perform in, and the other high school in my town just wears all black, which looks a bit more professional.

When I have a solo at church or at a recital, I just wear a nice dress with a cardigan.
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I'm a senior in high school, first chair in the highest band. we wear these really ugly black dresses with a sort of beaded shrug thing on top... only it doesn't open at the front, it's more of a short jacket? hard to explain, but pretty hideous. hahah.

i perform in competitions and showcases and stuff probably four or five times a year, so not all that often, but when i do i usually try to dress accordingly with my piece. i just like doing it, haha. like the last competition i did i performed Faure's Fantasie, which is very french, and so i wore a classy black chiffon-ey dress that has a silk ribbon at the waist, black high heels and did my hair in a low side bun. i thought i looked pretty fitting. hahah

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Re: Where do you perform and what do you wear when you perform?

Post by shruti »

I Perform at school, academy and other competition also and again will perform. Dresses depend on location and occasion and what I will perform. ladies garment retailers in Amravati has a lot of dresses on rent.

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