Testing foot joint pads on flute

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Testing foot joint pads on flute

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Has anyone made a device ( cork stopper and tube ) to blow air into a stopped foot joint ( in water ) to test for bubbles ?
Need to be sure the C# and C are air tight B4 I try to make them sound ( they work individually, the challenge is getting both to close with the C lever alone , light touch )
Pad heights - lever bending - shimming might be involved, but:

What materials did you use for this foot joint bubble tester gizmo ?

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Re: Testing foot joint pads on flute

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The Magnehelic Leak Tester is designed precisely for the purpose you want.

https://www.musicmedic.com/catalog/prod ... tegory/68/

Use this accessory for testing flutes for individual pad leaks.
https://www.jlsmithco.com/product/jls-f ... -isolator/
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