Anyone heard of a Selmer S-552 Flute?

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Anyone heard of a Selmer S-552 Flute?

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I recently acquired a collection of instruments from a retired doubler and the flute in his collection is labeled Selmer / Elkhart, IND. / S-552.
U.S., slashes indicating different lines.

I'm looking for information on this flute. It's a closed hole, C foot flute that has a very nice sound and response from what I can tell (as a saxophonist). No serial number that I can find, unless the S-552 is the serial number. I've searched and can't find any info about this flute and possible value. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Anyone heard of a Selmer S-552 Flute?

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the S-*** series Selmers were premium "precious metal" flutes. That means everything including the keys and mechanism is solid sterling silver, unless it's stamped "coin silver". Only the screws, rods, corks and pads are not solid silver.

Talk to Bruce Bailey about them.

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