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FE Olds Special Flute

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Does anybody out there know who manufactured flutes for FE Old? Not the new Olds instrument company, but the old one in California. I have a flute marked Special by F E Olds. Rolled tone holes, head joint is marked silver. Serial number 249000. I believe Olds imported the flutes they sold in that era. Just trying to figure out if it's worth putting any effort into or should I just take the head joint to a place that buys silver?

Thanks, Bill :roll:

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Re: FE Olds Special Flute

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I am also trying to find out about old F.E.Olds flutes. There is hardly anything on the web about them, but apparently they produced several high end professional flutes. I was trying to find out if the NS 75SB was ALL silver, including keywork and according to this website it is not. Only the SS models were.

What you say about them being imported is interesting. could explain why they seem to be rare and not talked about on any forums.

They are still in business, but ony have 3 student level flutes.

This is the most informative thing I've found, regarding model numbers and features.

https://www.usedprice.com/items/guitars ... 82932.html

frustrating how little info there is. Amazing how much info is on this one site.

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