Interesting head joint find

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Interesting head joint find

Post by Jess123 »

Hi, this is my first post. I purchased an Emerson ELD from Ebay for $75. Just a silver plated model, B foot. The pictures were a little blurry like so many on Ebay, poor it was a risk. I get the flute and upon opening the case I'm immediately drawn to the head joint. It's not got an obvious logo, but I can see something under the I polish it up. The head joint is a SANKYO. I can tell it's either old or well used. Sankyo emblem on front, 900 so tiny on back one could easily not see it. Just as small at the very bottom of the tenon on the front side, the number 127. I emailed Sankyo pictures..
They said it's the ST cut....equivalent to the ST2 modern head joint. They said no way of knowing exact age but it is quite old as the 900 stands for 900Ag and they only use 925Ag now. He said the 127 is just an assembling number. I'm feeling like I hit jackpot on this purchase! I had to adjust the cork as it had been pushed in too far, but once I gave the air more room to resonate, it sounds wonderful. Very responsive, very bright and pure mid-uppers. It shows wear with surface scratches and a couple tiny dings, but I'm so excited nonetheless!

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Re: Interesting head joint find

Post by SylvreKat »

Wow! Congrats on the awesome score, Jess! Keep us posted how the head joint continues to work out for you.

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