Emerson flute with serial # D75270 - 6

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Emerson flute with serial # D75270 - 6

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Hi Everyone, I have recently got hold of an Emerson flute with serial number D75270 with a 6 under it. I haven't been able to find anything about the worth of this flute online. I was wondering if anyone can help me. BTW, the headjoint says "sterling" on it. Thank you!

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Re: Emerson flute with serial # D75270 - 6

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You didn't mention if this is an open holed flute or closed hole. That makes a difference in the value.

The 6 and the sterling silver headjoint probably indicates that it is a Emerson EF6 flute which came with a sterling head.

Here's a one each open and closed holed EF6 that are for sale (New) at an online music store. A used flute typically sells for anywhere from 25-50% of new price assuming it is in very good to excellent condition.

https://www.jimlaabsmusicstore.com/stor ... headjoint/
https://www.jimlaabsmusicstore.com/stor ... headjoint/
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