Yamaha YPC 32 Picc Headjoint Upgrade??

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Yamaha YPC 32 Picc Headjoint Upgrade??

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Hey everyone,

I bought a used YPC 32 picc off ebay really cheap. Cosmetically not in the best shape but plays nicely. I want to upgrade the headjoint to a grenadilla wood and did something rather impulsive....went ahead and bought a used Philipp Hammig standard cut grenadilla wood headjoint off ebay as well. I contacted various sources before buying it but no one ever got back to me. It looked like it'd fit, but now the Flute Center of NY is telling me it won't fit. Does anyone know if this is true, or has any idea of a headjoint I can get for a 32 that'll fit?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Yamaha YPC 32 Picc Headjoint Upgrade??

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Contact Adam Petry at Pettry Flutes and Piccolos. He is a piccolo specialist and custom manufactures piccolo heads. He also makes adapters so that his heads will fit most piccolos.

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