Dating an Armstrong Flute

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Dating an Armstrong Flute

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I have acquired an Armstrong flute model 70. All three parts are sterling silver and it's tuned to A=442, and the keys, rods, and lip plate are plated with gold. The serial number doesn't have a true "prefix" (#-###...), but it begins with the number six. According to the Conn-Selmer website, the closest I can make is it would be manufactured in 1973. If someone with more expertise than me could help out, that'd be amazing!


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Re: Dating an Armstrong Flute

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It's likely an Armstrong Emeritus Model 70 made in the 70's. As you noted, it is sterling silver. I don't know much more about the Model 70 other than it is a closed hole flute.

I believe this is similar to yours:
http://www.musical-instruments-for-all. ... flute.html
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