Rose Gold Lip Worth It?

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Rose Gold Lip Worth It?

Post by sdfluteguy »

Hey! So I tried out a few brands of flutes under 3K this past weekend and have seemed to lean more towards Azumi, Di Zhao, and Sonare. Out of them, I found an Azumi AZ3 with a Gold Lip Plate available which really spoke out to me. However, it does not have a C# trill or Split E. Is that fine? Or would that hurt its resale value? I really enjoy the gold lip plate and crown so I don't know if it is worth it or not? (btw its 2559 or so).


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Re: Rose Gold Lip Worth It?

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In the end, it really is your choice. If it feels right, plays right, and sound right, then that is what you should get. The C# and split E are extra cost options, not requirements. The extra cost up front will slightly increase later resale value, but not dramatically. I have neither option on my flute but I upgraded to a 14K white gold head with a rose gold lip plate and platinum riser. So, if that flute makes you happy, get it.
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