Silver Content vs. Lip Plate

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Silver Content vs. Lip Plate

Post by sdfluteguy »

Hey! So I’m trying to choose between flutes and have narrowed it down to:
Azumi AZ 2
Amadeus 680
Sonare 505
Di Zhao 600

Comparing DZ and Sonare, is it better to go for the instrument that is solid sterling silver (body and hj) or the one that has a solid sterling silver hj, silver plated body, and 9K lip?

also, can someone help guide me in the right direction? which instrument is more worth it?


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Re: Silver Content vs. Lip Plate

Post by pied_piper »

All of those are good, respectable flutes. The quality is comparable on all of them. Ultimately, the selection comes down to which one feels better in your hands and which one sounds better to your ears. It's also good to have your flute teacher or another objective flutist listen to you play each and provide some comments. For the 9K lip plate, some say it makes a difference in the sound, some say it doesn't and is just bling. Try identical flutes with and without the 9K lip plate and if you like it, get it.
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