Yamaha flute prices?

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Yamaha flute prices?

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I am looking to get a flute and have seen that some Yamaha flutes seem to sell for a standard price while others are considerably cheaper for the same model number. I am looking at reverb not ebay. I contacted a seller which claims to be a US based family founded business. They are selling the 462 for $1695 while the standard is $2165. They told me they import and avoid Yamaha's markup. Is this possible? The same is true for the 222 and similar models, you can find them for considerable discounts on reverb. Even sam ash is selling a model for 70% of msrp. But the prices vary considerably, it's hard to make sense of as a market will tend to settle on given price, not vary wildly for the same product. These products and sellers appear to be legit. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Yamaha flute prices?

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Be very careful buying Yamaha flutes from unknown sources. There are a lot of counterfeit Yamaha flutes for sale.
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