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Post by flutepicc06 »

I've noticed quite a lot of spamming has been occuring on this forum lately. I was wondering if there might be a way to limit the number of posts a new member could post in a given amount of time. New members could be picked out as those with less than X number of posts (10 or 15 posts?), and would only be able to post Y number of replies in an hour (maybe 5?). That should slow down the spammers who post in every division of the forum, and in multiple threads in each division, but without inhibiting the ability of new (legitimate) members to get help they need/want. What does anyone think? Is that even a possibility given the format of the forum?

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Post by cflutist »

I agree, I find spammers to be very annoying. Why do they have to clutter up our flute forum and our mailboxes with junk?

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Post by Zevang »

Could not agree more, guys
Although one of the best "countermeasures" we can adopt (and seems already been) is to simply ignore those messages, I think there must be some kind of mechanism to limit this. Just don't know if this possibility exists here, but something must be done...


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Post by admin »

Unfortunately, somebody is spamming the board recently. We appreciate the notices that you have sent us to clean it up and we do it as soon as we can. We really want to keep this board free of spam and only related to flute.

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Post by woof »

Hi Admin- guess you need to check and do some more cleaning again cause the spamming is continuing with cigarette ads etc. I know it can be a pain when these jerks hack into a site like this. Can you shut off their access to the site?

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Post by mikeh »


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Post by remnantpark »

Yes, pleeeeeeeeeeeease. Get rid of spam. They bug me. I don't like spam. Period. And I think someone was spamming the boards pretty recently. By the way, to make sure I'm not being a hypocrite, am /I/ spamming the board?

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Post by flutepicc06 »

remnantpark wrote:By the way, to make sure I'm not being a hypocrite, am /I/ spamming the board?
Not at all, remnantpark. Spamming would be posting multiple messages completely unrelated to the topic at hand (in the case the flute/music). Your posts have all been on topic, from what I have seen, and you haven't flooded the forum with tons of unwanted messages. No, you're not a spammer.

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Post by Meredith »

In addition, many of the posts (case in point: the one on top of me) are highly inappropriate for children. Many users of the board are junior high and high school students.

Edit: A spam message appeared directly above my original post, which has since been deleted by admin.
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Post by fluteguy18 »

:lol: Good point Meredith (the on top of you comment). Very funny. I know. It aggravates me too. It really bothers me that people spam the board when there are so many younger users on here. they shouldnt have to deal with these sort of posts!

There has to be something that can be done to put an end to this. One of the highlights of my day is to get on here and see all of the new posts. It is really dissappointing to get on one day, and find junk all over the place, covering up real posts.


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