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Re: repair forum

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Wooot!!! It is working hallelujah!

Thank you thank you thank you, you generous people who facilitate this for us the flute world at large and hangers on.
I truly appreciate it. Hope to give back one day when able and qualified to do so. It would seem that formal training requires some prerequisites, but I'll be getting on top of that.

I have anOTHER question already.

I was a little complacent and quick on the trigger today, and found myself caught off guard with a not too old flute but I suspect someone may have swapped the mechanisms, ... the tone was beautiful when I hastily test played it but forgot to check the key mechanisms (presumptions! the seller was a bit of a confidence trickster but the fault was mine for being careless - my 20th flute and kicking myself - paid the most too for a 221... so help)

Q = The keys are all moving a fraction due to the hinge tube being a fraction shorter than a snug fit between posts - not just for the RH mech but horrors, the LH mech as well :x :x :x :!:
There may ALSO be 1-2 keys which are itself a fraction loose ON the hinge tube on top of that. WHY DID I NOT PICK THIS UP!!!!!??????!!!!!!! (kick kick kick!)

The seals are per se good except because of the "fraction" of movt, when test playing a runny scale, I could hear some key noise and feel the ocassional uneven response when the pad shift from the ideal seal.
Belated lesson, NEVER EVER buy from a crowded public place.

From my prima facie diagnosis, I have two issues:
1) How to tighten a key arm so it is firm on the hinge tube
2) How to stop a hinge tube sloshing up and down between hinge posts because it is a fraction too short - ju-ust that fraction too short.

Thank you.
flutist with a screwdriver

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