Beginner lessons

Basics of Flute Playing, Tone Production and Fingerings

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Beginner lessons

Post by kn0601 »

I'll be starting to take lessons for the flute. I'm pretty excited. I'll be entirely new to the instrument. How often do you recommend a beginner should have lessons and how long of a session. Thank you.

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Re: Beginner lessons

Post by pied_piper »

Weekly lessons are best to help keep you from developing bad habits. Half-hour minimum but one hour is better. Some teachers will do 1/2 hour but some won't.
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Re: Beginner lessons

Post by new2flute »

Are you currently playing any wind instrument? I didn't realize when I started playing the flute how much air is required to play the flute. Of course in the beginning you're not very efficient with your air so that exacerbates the problem. This would be one reason you might want to start with 30 minute lessons versus one hour and gradually build up your stamina.

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Re: Beginner lessons

Post by thirdnote »

I have a different take on this, it's now how many times you take a lessor or two, it's how much you practice on a consistent basis.

Whether you are taking weekly or monthly lessons, you need to practice DAILY! 15 - 30 mins a day is better than one 2 hour lesson every week.

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Re: Beginner lessons

Post by Flanker_27 »

I'm learning the basics how to play the flute these days, and have two 45 minute lessons per week after work, plus 15 to 30 minute "drill" sessions daily, where I practice the basic finger positions and repeating simple musical pieces faster and faster. And I think I'm progressing quite well! It isn't too intensive (which is inconvenient if you study or work, which means it's inconvenient for everyone) and the lessons with a teacher aren't too far from each other for me to forget what I learnt :lol: but basing on my experience and on the experience of other people around me, 2 40 to 60 minute lessons a week + personal practice is an excellent way to learn a skill (music, languages...), it's what my wife, who works in a language school, recommends, and what several friends doing skill-based sports (as opposed to strength/stamina based ones) all recommend this.

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