Flute Hold Plugs

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Flute Hold Plugs

Post by Soupy1957 »

The jury is still out, on whether or not I will go with an open hole or closed hole flute, when I buy my next one.

I’m not sure I want the challenge of having to deal with the issue of the open holes. At least not yet.

I’ve seen the flutes in the store that have the rubber plugs for the open holes, and I’m wondering if those wear out over time and need to be replaced??? I suppose the objective is to remove them eventually, completely.

I also have learned that there ARE “professionals” that play closed hole flutes. That it is NOT some sort of expected “right of passage” that a new flute player is expected to one day go thru.

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Re: Flute Hold Plugs

Post by AJplaystheflute »

I am currently renting an open-hole flute, and the plug can be removed and replaced as needed/wanted. Replacing damaged or lost plugs is fairly easy as they are not expensive to purchase. The previous brand I had rented seemed to prefer the plugs in (it was a rather clunky intermediate flute glad I returned it). The current rental - my Sonare 501 - seems to flow easily with the holes unplugged. It all depends on preference. If you are going to upgrade and want both options, I'd go for whichever brand of open hole flute you like/can afford best, and use the plugs until you feel comfortable removing them if ever.

And like you said, even some professionals play with closed hole, so it's not mandatory that you remove them, but I know for me, having both options at the same time is nice.

AJ - also a beginner, but this is what I've learned from the rental staff when I rented 2 different open-hole flutes so far, and playing my Jupiter closed hole student flute.

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Re: Flute Hold Plugs

Post by Linz »

I bought my new flute with open holes because I was told they can be easier to resell or hold their value better....not sure if this is True. However the key stops are mounted with silver so they just look like solid keys when they’re in place.

I have tried it open hole and there’s only one key that I really struggled with but tbh I’m too old (and lazy lol) to be too worried by that so I shall stick with it as a closed hole.

Good luck!

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