what does it mean when flute keys are “heavy”

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what does it mean when flute keys are “heavy”

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I don’t really know how to explain it but like the keys are heavier to press down on, like they require a little more force
the notes still play so i don’t think it’s a leak but they don’t come out as well as they used to and runs are getting pretty inconvenient to play
like when trumpet keys are slow to press down on so they grease it
what would you do with flute keys though??

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Re: what does it mean when flute keys are “heavy”

Post by frugal flutist »

Hi moodyflutie,
I'm pretty sure that means it needs to be serviced! Flutes need a lot of service. If this is a cheap flute or you don't have the Large Chunk of change it costs to have a pro make it right. You could try oiling it your self. Check amazon for flute oil, I'd bet they sell it. I've heard synthetic motor oil works well, but have not tried it my self. Have some Q tips and tissues on hand to soak up any extra oil. Put the smallest amount possible on the edges of every part that moves against another, one at a time, and blot right away. Then wiggle the keys as you go.

This will loosen the key movement, but this is bad for the flute! because the dirty, gummy oil and grime that makes the keys feel heavy will just be diluted. The dirt will ware the parts down. The flute needs to be completely disassembled, cleaned and oiled, and adjusted . A "C.O.A." . Cleaned, Oiled, and Adjusted. will cost you $200 plus depending on local, and condition of flute. It makes a world of difference, if the tech is good.
Best of luck with it.

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