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Learn to play flute online
Fluteland.com is a center for online flute lessons that includes on-demand video flute lessons, flute lesson plans, flute fingering charts, flute forums, video-conferencing flute lessons, live teacher responses to student questions and more.

We have professional online flute teachers that can guide and teach you online via a video-conferencing flute lesson or email, in addition to using our flute lesson plans.

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Fluteland.com is dedicated to excellence in flute education and performance. It is a flute-player's resource for flute education, whether you are a beginning flutist, a mature player, a professional flutist or a teacher. It is an always-on tool aimed at aiding and improving the flute community. If you have difficulty with any aspect of our new site, please feel free to contact us at support@fluteland.com.